Financial wellbeing for the life you want to lead

Online financial life and fairness learning for people and organisations to empower everyone to have a secure financial future

Shortlisted with St Swithun’s School for Tes Schools Awards 2024, Best Use of Technology

Shortlisted with St Swithun’s School for Tes Schools Awards 2024, Best Use of Technology

Reframing how we think and make decisions about money, making it simpler for everyone to secure their financial future™

Powered by 6 Moments That Matter

A unique and proven financial life-stage system that joins up how we think about our money and our life, designed for people around what’s happening in their life, for life

Learning for a life of financial independence

Equips learners to navigate financial risks and opportunities throughout their life, and to develop money management and financial product capability relevant to their life

learners to secure a fair financial future

Develops learners’ awareness of how financial gaps and inequalities arise, and how to avoid financial imbalances and dependencies that affect us all, at home, at work and in society

Practical, evidence-led, engaging and memorable life-stage framework based on applying professional risk management to people and teaches learners what they need to know when they need to know

Trusted, proven, professional

Simple, systematic, personalised

Holistic learning linking money and life equips learners with skills and behaviours for financial wellbeing in a changing world, measures financial confidence and capability and tracks progress against aspirations

Easy-to-use, accessible learning, consistent for everyone and fits flexibly into academic timetables, aligns with the PSHE curriculum and demonstrates outcomes against education, inclusion and sustainability assessments

Inclusive, user-friendly, supports inspections


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