THINKMONEY THINKLIFE is a learning platform designed to provide professional financial education and wellbeing solutions for life


For everyone to enjoy a fair and secure financial life


To provide financial education and fairness learning relatable to people’s lives

To improve financial capability and empower people to secure their financial wellbeing for the life they want to lead

To enhance people’s engagement with pensions and financial products and improve their customer experience and outcomes

To shift understanding of inequalities and inspire people to be fair financial citizens

6 Moments That Matter research shows that many of us lack financial resilience over our lifetimes and that by informing ourselves today, we can collectively create a more secure and fairer future tomorrow

Jane Portas


Jane Portas OBE is a creative, scientist, and a chartered accountant, with over 30 years’ professional services experience as a partner in two “big 4” global accountancy and consulting firms where she advised financial services firms on risk management, financial solvency and customer matters.  She is the author of The Risks in Life Series of research and practical insight reports considering people’s financial resilience through the life course, and the creator of 6 Moments That Matter, a unique life-stage framework for securing financial wellbeing and fairer financial futures

“I believe we have a responsibility to provide every young person with a formal financial education”


Young people hold the real power to securing a fairer financial future for generations to come but we need to empower them, and we all have a role to play


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